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How often do you come across a Certified Bookkeeper who’s a Licensed Practical Nurse? 
Nissa Wellman in the back woods

Hi, I’m Nissa! 

I worked as an LPN for eight years before moving to Northwest BC. It was here that I saw a dire need for additional health care services in our communities. And so I decided to become self employed and opened a private home care business. Which was scary! I knew nothing about starting a business or how to run it successfully.


I had so many questions! When do I start charging GST? What expenses can be written off? What’s the difference between being sole proprietor vs incorporated? Help!

My first year of business I was so busy working, making the business grow that I didn’t do any bookkeeping until the end of the year. I was a “shoe-boxer”! Well, in my case a “filing-cabineter”. I just didn’t have the time to sit down and enter all my daily transactions, organize my revenue vs expenses, etc. My main focus was my clients, the books could get organized later (pfft).

I’ve always been an over achiever and I’m extremely self critical. It bothered me that I didn’t have answers to so many questions and I really wanted my business to succeed. So I registered for the Bookkeeping for Small Business online certificate program at the University of the Fraser Valley. I honestly learned SO much in the program and bookkeeping just came naturally to me (I’ve always been a numbers nerd). After I graduated and became a Certified Bookkeeper, I realized that I must not be the only business owner experiencing so much uncertainty or lack of time. That there are probably so many others either starting their very first business or who’ve been operating for a while now who just don’t KNOW. 

Please welcome…Backroad Bookkeeping! Yes, that’s right! I opened up my second business (I told you I was an over achiever). I loved bookkeeping that much and became so passionate about helping other small businesses find answers to their questions and to give them the gift of time; to provide guidance and manage the financials so that business owners can get back to what they LOVE.

And what do I love?  When I’m not keeping my client’s business financials intact or working for the local municipality doing Payroll & Accounts Receivable, you’ll find me down some backroad exploring all that Mother Nature has to offer: hiking, backpacking, camping, 4x4ing, riding my motorcycle, or adventuring with my Karelian Bear Dog (Stryker)!

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Nissa Wellman siting at computer
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